Kindergarten Program

Welcome to our Kindergarten Program, which serves children in Douglas County and surrounding areas including Gardnerville, Minden, Genoa Lakes, Indian Hills, Carson City, and more! In fact, our Child Care Center, Preschool and Kindergarten programs have an outstanding reputation in the valley. Families have been trusting their children to our care for over 30 years!

We are pleased to offer families an enriched Kindergarten experience through our small class sizes, extended educational hours and learning opportunities as well as through our commitment to providing a socially and spiritually stimulating Christian atmosphere.

Class Size ~ 

Enrollment is limited to just 20 students in order to maintain a low pupil-teacher ratio. (Our pupil-teacher ratios are well below state requirements in order to ensure a quality educational Kindergarten Program in the Carson Valley.)

School Year ~

Trinity Lutheran Kindergarten Program begins in mid-August and ends the first week in June.

We are a “Modified” Kindergarten ~

This means that our Kindergarten is held between the hours of 9:00am and 2:00pm. We provide extended learning hours based on statistical evidence that young learners require additional educational opportunities at this point in their academic development. The extra educational hours allow for more opportunities to learn academic skills such as reading, math, science, art, music, P.E., and social skill development.

We are an Exempt Kindergarten ~

This means that we operate as an exempt school under the provision of NRS 394.211 and as such, our Kindergarten is exempt from the provisions of the Private Elementary and Secondary Education Authorization Act.

Tuition ~

Tuition is $4,000, with a $300 registration fee to be paid at the time of booking a student in the class. Families who do not pay tuition in full by August, are required to set up a Tuition Express account for payments. CONTACT Ms. Lisa to help you with this process. If you already are using Tuition Express, your payments can be adjusted accordingly come August of the year your child starts Kindergarten. *All pre-school/child care accounts must be in good standing prior to enrollment.

Before and After School Program ~

Extended care is available to those enrolled in our Kindergarten Program at a rate of just $40.00 a week (the rate for before/after school care for children who attend Kindergarten at a public school is $67.00/week). Before school care is available from 6:45am – 9:00am. After school care is available from 2:00pm – 6:00pm. (Full day childcare during winter and spring breaks are available for an additional fee.)

Kindergarten Curriculum ~

  • Core Knowledge for kindergarten
  • General Education
  • Social Studies
  • Zoo Phonics for Kindergarten
  • Reading
  • Concordia (religion)
  • Shirley Method – Language
  • Saxon Math
  • Scott Foresman – Science
  • “Handwriting without Tears”

Click here to download our Kindergarten curriculum.